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At Shawma Construction Services Ltd we strive to be the leading provider in the construction and property industry. In order to achieve this, we work meticulously with our clients to create their vision. One of our top objectives is to use our skills and expertise to safeguard the futures of charities and the local communities in which we operate. Our work with such organizations alongside recognized housing providers is part of wider regeneration schemes and we have delivered various projects within the community and voluntary sector throughout the UK. The diverse range of projects we have delivered across the Community & Third Sector means we provide a service built upon an established reputation.

London Borough of Lambeth Angell Town Resident Management Organisation, Holland Rise Tenant Management Organisation, Wellington Mills Housing Cooperative;
London Borough of SouthwarkBrowning Estate Management Association, D'Eynsford Tenant Management Organisation;
InsuranceNationwide Mutual Insurance Company, RSA Insurance Group, Sharer Chapman Investments, Woodgate & Clark Ltd;
Commercial BuildingsImpact House, NINE etc.
NHSAshburton Medical GP, NHS trust GP surgeries in South London
Residential BuildingsAnd Properties