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Welcome to Shawma Contruction Services

SHAWMA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES was founded in 2006 with the focus on providing our clients with excellent construction and building services, quality and reliability. With 10 years experience, trained qualified builders and contractors and highly skilled managers we specialise in new building and exterior works; repair, refurbishment and maintenance; installation services and more.

Since the company was established we have completed a number of prestigious works due to our highly experienced staff and our qualified subcontractors.

We currently manage several large maintenance and service contracts for public sector and government organisations including Lambeth Living and Lambeth Tenant Management Organisation – Southwark Council, Ealing Council, EC Harries, Croydon council.

We also work extensively on private sector and have successfully undertaken many refurbishment, demolition, installation and extension work projects in recent years.

The main goal of Shawma Construction Services is to keep satisfying our clients with our exceptional building services and gain more new clients from different sectors. Our professionalism, understanding of the client requirements, unique approach is a base of flawless successful completion of each project.